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We believe that when it comes to neurofied brands, nothing is more essential than authenticity. It is in authenticity where purpose, integrity, and passion are born. It sets the stage for honest and heartfelt storytelling. It allows for the profound simplicity that is the hallmark of great design. Our purpose is to assist companies to discover their authenticity and leverage it to create brand stories that stimulate human senses, engage, inspire, and are irresistibly compelling.


Neuromarketing research is the research area that studies neurological responses in relation to a certain stimuli, such as an ad or commercial. Medical techniques and insights of neuroscience are used to reveal consumer decision-making processes thus making use of neural- and physiological responses, and behaviour, to understand the subconscious reactions of consumers.

Smart Persuasion

Whilst marketing trends come and go, our brains are here to stay. Let’s talk to them in a language they understand. Smart Persuasion, a prevalent form of social influence in humans, refers to an active attempt to change a person’s attitudes, beliefs, or behaviour. By helping you Diagnose your customers’ PAINS and identify your CLAIMS, you can activate powerful new messages within weeks of their development with stunning imagery, graphics, or animations that can persuade in record time.

The Neurobranding program designed exclusively for professional services

Branding a professional services firm is different. Most firms were founded by practitioners, so they usually follow a familiar formula — offering similar services to similar audiences which eventually leads to buyers having a hard time telling them apart. At Neurofy, we’ve cracked this nut wide open. Using industry-leading NeuroScience research, Nahda Growth Algorithm™ combined with Applied NeuroScience, is a process that we’ve perfected over the past 10 years, which makes us able to deliver distinctive professional services brands that make businesses look authentic, sound like leaders — and position them to grow

The science speaks for itself

All of Neurofy’s intelligent services are based on our NAHDA Algorithm. NAHDA is an acronym for Neuro Adaptive Human Design Approach.

We help companies discover their authenticity, and leverage it to create brand stories that are irresistibly compelling.



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