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This section will give you an insight in which methods and processes that are behind the neuroscience, and how they affect your costumers.

The triune brain

The American neuroscientist Paul MacLean came with the formulation of the ‘’triune brain’’ model. With this model he divided the brain into 3 regions, where he concluded that there is a hierarchy between them.

  1. Primal brain (Basal Ganglia)
  2. Emotional Brain (Limbic system)
  3. Rational Brain (Neocortex)

This division of the brain is an important aspect in understanding your costumers and delivering the right message to these. We at Neurofy specialize in this form of revolutionary branding and marketing.

6 stimuli

The ‘’primal brain’’, is the definition of our primitive part of the brain. It is in this part of the brain where our life-sustaining functions are located, but it is very simple what triggers it’s attention.  The triggers can be defined into 6 stimuli that shows how to trigger the primal part of the brain.


The Primal brain is very self-centered, and it does not concern for others, rather its own survival. Therefore, a message must speak to its survival in some sort of way to trigger its attention.


When delivering a message to the primal brain, it must not confuse it rather help it in making a fast decision that seems safe. If the Primal Brain gets confused the decision will be delayed.


The message must be tangible! The message must not seem confusing and use of a lot of numbers. Although it can process numbers, although this is not key for its decision making. Rather it must seem familiar and so it can be recognized as quickly as possible. The message must not create effort or doubt.


The message must be memorable as the Primal brain does not remember easily. When delivering a message, you have to know how to deliver the most powerful message in the best way as possible. Therefore, you shouldn’t stall your costumer, but rather grabbing their attention as early as possible.


The visuals are key! When delivering a message to the primal brain, you have to have the visuals in place. The reason being is that the first ‘’touch’’ to the primal brain is through the visuals and this is the fastest way getting the primal brain to make a decision.


By delivering an emotional message you can get a strong trigger from the primal brain. Through neuroscience we know that these emotional messages affect how the primal brain makes its decisions.

4 steps

To influence the brain of your costumers, there is a 4-step process.

Step 1: Diagnose the pain

When diagnosing the pain of your costumer, you know what they need. You as a company need to eliminate the pains of your costumers and therefore appeal to these. If you don’t know the pain of your costumers, then you could spend your whole marketing budget and having no results.

Therefore, you need to identify the pain and relieve the costumer of this. Understand what your customer needs, and therefore appealing to their decision part of their brain.

Step 2: Differentiate your claims

Your company needs to stand out from the competitors, especially if you are not selling a unique product. Therefore, you must differentiate your claims to make I clear to your costumers why they should choose your company. You need to highlight these claims and show how you relieve your costumers from their pains.

Step 3: Demonstrate your gain

You need to show the costumers what they can gain from choosing your company. When appealing to primal brain, you have to provide the necessary proof, when appealing to this part of the brain. You need to prove that it will gain, this is done by placing an urgency in your message that will automatically trigger the brain of your costumer.

Step 4: Deliver to the primal brain

The 3 first steps are vital steps in delivering a strong and powerful message to your costumers. But you have to deliver to the primal brain! Delivering to the primal brain is what will give you an edge and your messages will their full potential. 

These steps could really help your company and deliver the right messages that will influence the brain of your costumers.

4 steps

Six persuasion elements

You need to engage stimuli in the brains of your costumers. These stimuli will trigger the primal brain and will impact what decisions your costumers make.

1. Memorable

The primal brain will be most alert in the beginning and in the end of an interaction. You need to make your message memorable and get the attention of your costumers.

2. Contrastable

When you deliver a message, you must leave your costumers with a solid understanding of what claims your company has, which will make you stand out from the competition. This is why the first part is important, because when delivering a memorable message, they will remember you, and therefore you message must be contrastable so that you stand out.

3. Visual

The visual aspect of a message is important when reaching the primal brain, as this is what impacts it the most. By delivering a strong visual message that shows the pain of the costumer and a solution to this, you will reach all the stimulus of the primal brain. You need to use the visual aspect to reach the first steps of the process.

4. Tangible

Why should your customers choose you? You need to deliver proof to your costumers of what they will gain by choosing your company. When delivering a message to the primal brain you must understand that it is very self-centered and focused on survival. You therefore must show what you offer for its ‘’survival’’ meaning its gain, with a tangible message that is backed by evidence of gain.

5. Emotional

Your costumers will handle your message in different ways, and it is based on making a decision. You should therefore make sure that your costumer does not misunderstand your message and make them believe in your message. An emotional message is strong and will impact the decision of your costumers.

6. All

These steps a linked to the 4-step process mentioned above and show how to persuade your costumers after knowing what message you want to deliver. When knowing what you want to deliver you need to persuade your costumers. These stimuli trigger the primal brain and will ultimately make the costumers choose your company opposed to the competition.

7 Persuasion catalyst

Word with ‘’you’’

The Primal Brain is personal, this means that your solution to your costumers must appeal to them by using the word ‘’you’’. This will make the costumer feel that your company has the solution for the costumers PAIN.

Be credible

As a company you must become as credible as possible for your costumers. When you master the 6 credibility factors: creativity, fearlessness, passion, integrity, accessibility and expressiveness, we will help you become credible for your costumers.

Apply contrast

You must have a clear contrast between the solution you have for the costumers’ pain compared to competitiors, you make the decision-making process easier for the costumers. You must show them how you relieve them from their pain and why they should choose you.

Trigger emotion

When appealing to your costumers, you must remind the costumer of their pain and trigger their emotions. This way you make it personal for them and this will trigger their primal brain to making a decision.

Vary teaching modes

Make sure that your message reaches all members of your audience, and therefore you must vary in the platforms that your reach your audience with.

Tell stories

A story that is both tangible and visual for the costumers, is a good story. This way you create a good story that will generate emotions in your costumers’ brain and appeal to them.

Make it short

You must create a short and powerful message to your costumers! Make sure that only the absolute relevant is used in your message. If the message is not delivered correct to your costumers, such as a long video you may lose the interest of your audience.


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