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  • Branding accelerated by neuroscience, behavioural psychology & intelligence



We offer branding, rebranding and brand positioning services specifically designed to unearth your brand authenticity. Our in-depth neuro methodology produces genuine brand stories that are irresistibly compelling to your audience.


We believe that the key to effective marketing can be found in a more strategic use of sensory stimuli and direct appeal to customers’ emotions. By incorporating brain research with your marketing strategies, the neuromarketing approach provides you with new opportunities to define customer behaviour and optimize the development and marketing of your product or service.

Smart Persuasion

By helping you diagnose your customers’ PAINS and identify your CLAIMS, you can activate powerful new messages within weeks of their development with stunning imagery, graphics, digital platforms, or animations that can persuade in record time.

In one sentence, what do we do?

We help companies increase brand & marketing performance by targeting the decision making part of the customer’s brain.

The triune brain

The triune brain model is based on dividing the human brain into three parts, Primal, emotional and rational brain. By defining the brain with this particular model, you get a different understanding of how a costumer makes their decisions, and use it for your advantage as a business.

6 Stimuli

When looking at the primal brain and understanding what stimulates this part of the brain, you can trigger the right stimulaters. These 6 stimuli help you trigger the primal brain and how you can influence the buying decisions of your costumers.

4 Steps

To help your business in finding the right approach to your costumers there will be a proces, containing 4 steps. These steps will help finding the right strategy for you.

6 Persuasion Elements

With the 6 persuasion elements you can target the Primal Brain of your customers. By using this model we help you in constructing and delivering the most suitable message to your costumers.

7 Persuasion Catalysts

We help you in understanding how, you as a company can increase the impact of your message. When using these seven techniques you will boost the response of the Primal Brain of your costumers.

Some of the areas that we cover during a NeuroBranding project:

Analysis and insights

Gathering data insights and evaluating your brand is critical to gain understanding of the brand from a customer’s perspective.

Naming & visual identity

A strong corporate brand name & identity gives your company an advantage; it’s easier to remember, simple to pronounce and says what the brand stands for.

Brand Promise & Formulation

A brand promise statement is simply the customer expectation codified in a one or two line sentence.

Corporate Positioning

Positioning refers to the place that a brand occupies in the minds of the customers and how it is distinguished from the products of the competitors.

Brand Roll-out & Launch Event

Your brand launch is an important event. People usually spend six months to a year planning their weddings, so treat your brand the same way.

Unique & Emotional Selling Propositions

The unique selling proposition provides a logical reason why a customer should buy from you. While the emotional selling proposition represents the emotional levers “beneath the service” that trigger the emotional connection with your customers.

Corporate vision, mission and values

The vision, mission and value statement help brands build meaningful connections with their public. It creates an exceptional customer and employee experience that gives your business the stepping stones to increase its profitability while building a strong base of brand promoters.

Value Proposition Formulation

Value Proposition is a statement that clearly tells your potential customers how they will benefit from your offer, how your products or services will address their needs and solve their problems, and what makes your offer different from the competition


Who are Neurofy?

We help companies increase brand & marketing performance by targeting the decision making part of the customer’s brain.



We help companies discover their authenticity, and leverage it to create brand stories that are irresistibly compelling.



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